CryptoLocker Ransomware Protection

You may have heard a lot of fuss online later about Cryptolocker, a nasty piece of ‘ransomware’ that will seek out certain files on computers, attached drives and networks and encrypt them. Once it has finished encrypting the files, it will show a popup that tells the user that their files are encrypted and they have to pay a ransom to decrypt them before the 96 hour countdown completes. If the user doesn’t pay the ransom during the countdown, the private key used to encrypt the files is destroyed and the users files become unrecoverable.

Whilst any good security application will be able to remove the malware there is no way to recover the information that CryptoLocker encrypts, and so there is a growing interest in measures that will prevent the exploit ever being possible.  There is a detailed post about this here: but the steps for protection are not possible on most home computers.

Instead, we have a small application available that performs the steps mentioned in the above article, and will protect against this latest online menace.

Perhaps now is a good time to make sure your Computer Security is up-to-date. We can arrange full AVG Security from just £1 a month, but the CryptoPrevent Application is free of charge. We’ll be contacting existing customers and including the application in our automated support applications, but others can access it in exchange for a “like” or retweet…

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