LiveDrive Prices & Options

The prices below are correct as at 14 April 2013, but whilst they are subject to change there are currently no plans to do so.

The prices shown are the full list price, before any discount, promotion or partner code has been applied.

  • PCSLiveDrive|Backup
    • £35 per year for a single computer
    • £50 per year for up to 3 computers
  • PCSLiveDrive|Briefcase
    • £35 per year for 512GB storage
    • £50 per year up to 1TB storage
  • PCSLiveDrive | Go Pro!
    • £75 per year for 1TB storage and unlimited backup
  • Additional Options
    • £10 for remote installation, setup & configuration
    • £50 per year to include a network storage device
  • Promotions and Offers – as of 7 April 2013
    • Recommend a friend and receive £5 credit when they signup
    • Have a hosting account with us? Get £10 off Backup account


PuzzledWorld provide this service through a partnership with LiveDrive. The service is also available directly from LiveDrive and other LiveDrive partners (inc. PCWorld KnowHow), but we set our own pricing and provide support directly. Ultimately this means a globally-recognized product/brand, with local friendly support and more competitive pricing. Win win: Kerching!