Webmail with a difference

We’re all familiar we at least one or two “wemail” services: Hotmail, Live, Yahoo!, Google, Gmail, AOL,… we could go on, but we’re pretty sure these names will be familiar to you.

We also offer some webmail services on some lesser-known Domains, using familiar services and interfaces.  Contact Us for more information on any of the following:

  • giddyweb.com
  • puzzled.me.uk
  • jigsawmail.me
  • fibro.me.uk
  • causave.me
  • thurrock.co
  • pzl.me

Some of these services are provided using Google Apps’ Gmail serivce; some are using the eXtend Hosting platform’s @tmail integration.

Standard POP3 and IMAP access is available on all our custom mail Domains.