The storage of 16 flash drives for the price of 1

500x_custom_1270655787736_pileWe just received an email promoting a 32GB USB flash drive with built-in security and encryption for £35.  There are some good prices available if you shop around, but it still worries us how often these devices fail, rendering all the data inaccessible. We know of a teaching student who dropped – and then drove over – four years of work. She had no other copy of those files.  We often see people carry 3 or 4 such devices with them, though they never seem sure which one a particular file is on. If only there was a better way…

PCSLiveDrive Briefcase costs as much as ONE 32GB memory stick or “flash drive”. Except it comes with 500GB of storage – that’s equivalent to SIXTEEN 32GB drives.  You can’t drop it in your coffee, snap it, sit on it, or forget where you put it, because it ‘lives in the cloud’. You can access any file, at any time, from any web-enabled device. Your home computer, your laptop, tablet, mobile, the local library…  wherever you are, your files can be also. You can store a copy of any or all of the files on those other devices to access them without internet. Make changes to them and have them re-sync immediately to all your other devices as soon as you go back online.

With the flexibility, power, and control that PCSLiveDrive Briefcase gives you, you need never buy a USB drive again.

PCSLiveDrive USB image

What’s more, if you sign up for a 500GB Briefcase account we’ll throw in automated Backup for FREE – ensuring that all your most important files are securely backed up in case of hard drive failure or computer loss. Tell a friend and if they sign up we’ll throw in our new maintenance app for you both too, which will help keep your computer running in peak condition and gives quick and easy access to key functions and support.


Sign up for your PCSLiveDrive Briefcase Account with FREE Online Backup add-in here.

PuzzledWorld provide this service through a partnership with LiveDrive. The service is also available directly from LiveDrive and other LiveDrive partners (inc. PCWorld KnowHow), but we set our own pricing and provide support directly. Ultimately this means a globally-recognized product/brand, with local friendly support and more competitive pricing. Win win: Kerching!

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